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Team Paris to host first gay and lesbian tournament 28 - 31 May 2004

04 January 2004 | glrfcentral
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Team Paris, aka Gay and Lesbian Sports Federation aka La Fédération Sportive Gaie et Lesbienne FSGL will host its first International Tournament or Tournoi International de Paris, at the end of the merry month of May! Labeled as the first multi-sport festival of its kind in Paris, the event will focus on three concepts: sports, celebration, and party. Organized by both the FSGL and the local Parisian Sports Associations, the event is meant for all participants: gay, lesbian, and gay-friendly.


The tournament will feature 13 sports some of which will be holding their first major annual competition while others who regularly hold annual meets have consolidated their dates into one weekend. So since rowing is NOT one of sports on the list, I think everyone should invade Paris, hoist Franck on our shoulders and take to the streets shouting Aviron, Aviron, Aviron!@!!!!!


The schedule:


Friday, 28 Mai 2004 - 18h00 - 23h30, Welcome Evening Party..”So you come to Paris often, ehhhh?...”


Saturday, 29 mai 2004 - 8h00 Play Ball! Ladies to the left, Men to the right!


Sunday, 30 mai 2004 - 20h00 Dinner at one of several fine, delicious hottie French gay and lesbian restaurants...and then....23h00 --->> this is French for Party On Dude: “soirée officielle du Tournoi International de Paris 2004”


Monday, 31 mai 2004 - oh my head, ..yikes..hey, what’s your name, oh yeah...so maybe see you at brunch? - 11h00 - 15h00 brunch followed by a guided visit of the most beautiful City in the World, Paris. ...........for more information, click here!


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