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  2. glrfcentral

    rowing in the countryside

    Dropdowns seem to work so far. Will try mobile.
  3. terabyte

    rowing in the countryside

    Testing adding a link in a comment from dropdowns. 🙃
  4. Guest

    rowing in the countryside

    are there any vacation rowing camps in Bavaria?
  5. chadster

    A guest public enquiry

    second try to make links visible
  6. chadster

    A guest public enquiry

    Additionally, we will be visiting USA from 07th to 19th July and would appreciate the opportunity to meet you in California to discuss potential collaboration and mutual growth. Kindly confirm your availability, we can finalize our meeting schedule and take the discussion forward
  7. Guest

    A guest public enquiry

    Just testing a public guest enquiry
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  9. chadster

    Jack Daniels Brownie Bites

    take 2 cups of jack daniels and add 4 teaspoons of flour
  10. until
    Meet at the 7-11 on Lincoln after rowing practice.
  11. chadster

    West Berkeley Sculling Camp

    How was the camp? I really wanted to attend but I had to study for the LSATs.
  12. glrfcentral

    Bastille Day Row

    Join us for a spectacular evening row on Bastille Day
  13. In celebration of Pride month, we bring back one of the original GLRF shirts from 2004: Rower!


    The GLRF Rower Pride Shirt celebrates international gay pride month.  Made with heavyweight cotton and using a water motif mottling treatment, the shirt promotes the global reach of the LGBTQ+ rowing community.

    From $20
  14. glrfcentral

    2024 West Berkeley Sculling Camp

    test creation w/o country
  15. glrfcentral

    Mystic River Pride Flotilla

    Mystic River Pride Flotilla! Hosted by the Gentle Giant Rowing Club and the Mystic River Watershed Association. Think: a pride parade on the water! Fabulously decorated human-powered boats of all types will paddle around the Mystic River basin in Somerville & Medford MA to celebrate LGBTQIA+ people and their allies. Free and open to all, this is a family-friendly non-alcoholic event. The Mystic River is for EVERYBODY. Location: Gentle Giant Rowing Club Duration: 3 hours Time: Participants: Boats launch 11 am to 11:45 am Spectators: Flotilla commences 12 noon to 1 pm Details: More information and registration: https://www.gentlegi...owing.org/pride Map: Copy of Mystic River Pride Flotilla map - Google My Maps
  16. glrfcentral

    Fun Row Fundraiser

    Pay rowers to race sprints
  17. DPH2002

    BBQ and slather party

    eat ribs and slather in the pool
  18. Come join us and celebrate a decade of the London Otters at our 10 Year Anniversary party. Date: Saturday 18th May 2024 Time: 6 pm to 1 am Location: The Old Joinery, Greenwich Norman Road London SE10 9QF United Kingdom nearest stations: Cutty Sark, Greenwich, Deptford There will be food trucks, fabulous entertainment, a DJ, and lots of fabulous rowers! Tickets GBP 10 Buy your tickets online at: https://book.stripe.com/3cs8A07ZM1Ve5OM8wB?mc_cid=d405a30e7b&mc_eid=UNIQID
  19. glrfcentral

    2014 Gay Games Regatta

  20. chadster

    test topic roccos

    some guys from long beach might be headed over ...
  21. glrfcentral

    2003 Copenhagen Mermaid Regatta

    The Nordic weather gods were in the gayest of spirits this year at the first Copenhagen Mermaid Regatta held May 29th 2003 at the beautiful surroundings of Lake Bagsværd. The late spring weather was warm, the sun was shining from a bright light blue sky and the leaves of the forest trees surrounding the rowing course was the brightest of green - but most important to the participants, there was just a calm breeze blowing down the rowing course. With over 70 (predominantly) gay and lesbian rowers from 5 nations the Copenhagen Mermaid Regatta � the first regatta ever of its kind held in Denmark was a truly wonderful experience!
  22. until
    gathering to test comments on this event and see if it appears on main events listing
  23. glrfcentral

    AAA Garden Club Meeting

    sounds wonderful!
  24. chadster

    AAA Garden Club Meeting

    The Kansas City chapter of the AAA Garden Club will host it's first 2024 meeting at Joe's Beer Garden. Everyone is invited to bring their favorite Taylor Swift jacket or sweater.
  25. A Queerty interview with out rower Robbie Manson. Wait, what? He's been nominated for the Queerties in the Sports Hero category? https://www.queerty.com/rower-robbie-manson-on-his-comeback-grindr-in-the-olympic-village-his-favorite-pair-of-onlyfans-undies-20240215
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