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The Rower's Pledge

A global initiative to promote inclusion and acceptance in the broader rowing community. Instead of being mandated from on high, The Rower’s Pledge conveys the support for inclusion and acceptance at the personal level in the rowing community.

If everyone connected with the rowing community worldwide signs The Rower’s Pledge: rowers, coaches, clubs officers, board members, regatta organizers, governing officials, parents, university athletic directors, and retailers, our collective voices will fundamentally transform rowing from within, and for the better.

Add your voice to a worldwide movement and please spread the word!


I advocate for the inclusion and acceptance [beyond tolerance] of gay and lesbian rowers, coxies, coaches, and race officials in the broader rowing community. Rowers and coxies need to feel comfortable being out and open to their teammates and their coaches without fear of ridicule, bullying, reprisal, and discrimination. Coaches need to feel free to work without fear of prejudice or dismissal from parents, club officials, alumni, or athletic directors. Race and regatta officials should be able to serve openly, without fear of judgement and restricted selection for committees and race juries.

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