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Melbourne Argonauts Establish Twice Yearly Rowing Camps

07 February 2004 | glrfcentral
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After the enormous success of the first National Lesbian Rowing Camp at Nagambie in Victoria, Australia, the Melbourne Argonauts have announced the establishment of biannual rowing camps (twice a year for you erg monsters..) .


According to Annie Smith, “the Women’s Camp definitely achieved it’s goals of reinforcing the lesbian presence in the club and provided a secure and supportive base on which to build our female membership.” It is envisaged that the women only camps will have an ongoing place in the long term structure of the club.


Building on that success, the club is now extending the rowing camp model to incorporate the whole club twice a year. Each camp will have a slightly different focus. The first, scheduled towards the end of the season(Oct-Nov), will serve as a club building exercise with a bit of a recap of the season and an off season training focus as well as a large social component – open to all members and visitors. The second, scheduled towards the the start of the season (Mar-Apr), will focus more towards the competitive members and regatta preparation.


The next camp is to be held on the weekend of the 3rd and 4th of April, again at Nagambie. The weather should be hot and the beer should be cold.


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