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See Backwards, The Rowing Movie With Glrf's New Calendar Feature: Rsvp

13 September 2012 | glrfcentral
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Backwards, a 'rowmance' movie starring Sarah Megan Thomas and James Van Der Beek, opens nationwide this month in the United States. Rowers everywhere will enjoy the story of an Olympic athlete struggling to find her place after losing a seat on the national team. Set in Philadelphia, there are great shots of Boathouse Row and rowing on the Schuykil River.


Best quote:


Rowing is an art. You don't see the work that went into creating it but it should be beautiful.


http://www.glrf.info/gotchagallery/data/thumbnails/300/Abi.Instense.jpgCheck out the movie poster, movies stills, and some of the production images at the GLRF Gotcha! Gallery. (For those who notice ... check out how we labeled the movie stills ... hope you enjoy the image titles!).


Want to put a group of rowers together to see the movie? What better excuse to blow off your next morning practice? .... Use GLRF's new Calendar RSVP feature to find out how many are interested in seeing the movie and as a tool to determine a count for group tickets (see below for more information).


Want to get notified of a new event in your regional calendar? Now you can 'follow' both a GLRF regional calendar as well as a particular calendar event and receive notifications when new events are added or updates are posted for one event!


Here is a list of the cities screening the movie and their opening dates. We'll update the list if we get any theater information for outside the United States:


Ambler, PA - Ambler Theatre - opens September 21

Bala Cynwyd, PA - Bala Theatre - opens September 28

Beverly Hills, CA - Music Hall 3 - opens September 21

Boston, MA - Boston Common 19 - opens September 28

Bryn Mawr, PA - Bryn Mawr Film Institute - opens September 21

Jacksonville, FL - AMC Regency 24 - opens September 28

Manhattan, NY - Cinema Village 3 - opens September 21

New Haven, CT - BTC Criterion Cinemas 7 - opens September 28

Oklahoma City, OK - Crossroads Mall 16 - opens September 28

Philadelphia, PA - Ritz East Twin - opens September 21

San Francisco, CA - Sundance Kabuki Cinemas - opens September 28

Seattle, WA - Oak Tree 6 - opens September 28

Washington DC - West End Cinema - opens September 28

West Newton, MA - West Newton Cinema - opens September 28


If you're just naturally a Type A organizer, add a calendar event for your city and date, and of course, click 'RSVP' in the 'create event' feature block selection.


Here is the 411 on group tickets:


Each theatre chain sets their own group rates and group rates usually begin at 25 people or more and some have assigned seats and some don’t and some have group rates that vary by showtime. If your group is smaller than 25, you can probably still arrange for a block of tickets but you may not be able to get a group discount.


Contact (email) Jackie Papier to arrange group tickets. We recommend going through her rather than dealing directly with the theater because she has more pull.


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