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Rowing Coach attacked and assaulted

26 July 2012 | glrfcentral
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View of one of many remote areas around Lake Michigan

As widely reported in news media around Chicago, and also in the LGBT news site, Chicago Windy Times, Jenn Gibbons, a Chicago-area rowing coach for both juniors and adult rowing programs, was attacked and sexually assaulted in a remote lakeshore area of Lake Michigan.


Coach Gibbons was in the middle of a 1500-mile rowing trip around Lake Michigan to raise funds for breast cancer survivors trying to live healthier lives.


She serves as the competitive coach for the LGBT-friendly Chicago Rowing Union.


Gibbons is this year's Competitive Program Coach for CRU, her second year with the team. She coached the Novice program in 2010.


"As with countless others, Jenn is a source of inspiration for the team, both on the water at practices and now during her hiatus from CRU as she makes the trek around Lake Michigan," said CRU president Bill Moudry. "She provides inspiration through her courage, her self sacrifice, and her unrelenting positive attitude regardless of the circumstance."


In 2011, Gibbons was named Masters Coach of the Year by U.S. Rowing, a prestigious rowing honor that "highlights her achievements as an instructor and a leader in the rowing community," Moudry said. "CRU looks forward to her return in August when she will resume as coach for the Competitive Program."


Read the full story here.


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