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Sculler Greg Edelston Prepares for a grueling Fall Season

20 October 2004 | glrfcentral
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Greg sits ready in his Carl Douglas racing shell.

Sculler Greg Edelston doesn’t shoot low. He is intent on securing a seat in Great Britain’s lightweight senior squad next year. To do that, he heads into a tough fall season with the first of three trials this Saturday in Boston. Yes, for the rest of us who think there is only the one Beantown across the pond, the town of Boston is situated on the Boston River, in Lincolnshire in Great Britain.


This first trial, on 23 Oct 2004, consists of a 5 km Head Race down the Boston River. The trials include the usual drug tests and weigh-in procedures. The second trial, in December, will consist of an identical 5km piece as well as a 2k ergo test. For lightweights, that means a sub 6:35. Currently, Greg is holding at a 6:36. He assures us that he can shave one second. Depending on the outcomes of these trials, Greg will face a third trial in February.


Greg is entering as a 70 kg lightweight, representing Vesta Rowing Club.


Greg says he enjoys a challenge and apparently so. Following on the heels of his first trial, Greg will compete in the huge Armada Cup in Berne, Switzerland on 30 Oct 2004. This 9km race is best known for its namesake, with waves of 25 scullers abreast at the starting line.


Best of luck to you Greg, and we expect you to do your part to represent the very honored and successful Vesta Rowing Club!


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