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Melbourne isn't the Whole World. There's Rowing in Brisbane too!

14 September 2004 | glrfcentral
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The Melbourne Argonauts are branching out. Argo promoter Sandy Mitchell recently held exploratory talks with Greg Howell, CEO of Rowing Queensland (RQ), about starting a Gay and Lesbian Rowing Club in Brisbane.


The meeting went very well and Sandy came away with the sound impression that RQ would actively welcome a gay and lesbian club into their association. So much so that Mr. Howell even showed Sandy some rack space that was available directly under the RQ offices on the Brisbane River at the West End. Said CEO Howell, “anything that breaks down barriers to participation and helps develop the sport” is welcome.


A Brisbane gay and lesbian rowing club would be the fourth organized group in Australia. The Melbourne Argonauts are super organized and home to over 80 members. A loosely organized group in Sydney continues to row together on a regular basis. Adelaide lays claim to the oldest rowing group – a small group of women who have rowed together for … “a very long time.”


Sandy is looking for expressions of interests from rowers in the Brisbane area who would like take this initiative and run with it. If you have some kind of rowing pedigree, whether it be from School, University, Club, no matter how long ago, please send him an email. Alternatively, if you hear or know of someone who might find this of interest, please send them this article.


Update 10 Apr 2010: With the launch of the All Oars Groups, Queensland rowers can establish an immediate community by forming a group for Brisbane rowers, as one umbrella group, or for men and women separately. You decide!


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