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Regatta Advisory Group - R.I.P.

02 January 2010 | glrfcentral
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Los Angeles

The GLRF Regatta Advisory Group has been cut from the GLRF lineup. Originally conceived as a way to provide consolidated GLRF membership inputs to gay-organized and gay-friendly regattas, the Advisory Group was met with limited use and fell into a comatose state in the last few years. A new Regatta Advisory Forum has been created on the ALL OARS message board to allow all GLRF members a chance to participate in regatta discussions, and to create topics individually.


The impetus for forming the original Regatta Advisory Group was the incredible but daunting week-long 1998 Amsterdam Gay Games Regatta that featured a 2k race format with heats and finals. Competitors found themselves stuck at the Bosbaan for most of the week as races were spread out to give athletes adequate rest. It was felt that an Advisory Group could provide inputs on future regatta formats to ensure rowers' interests were represented.


The Advisory Group was active during the 2006 Montreal World Outgames and the 2006 Chicago Gay Games, where the Group's input played a major role in shifting the Chicago venue from the Chicago River to Crystal Lake, and in shaping the format of the Montreal Outgames Regatta. However, with the growing community character of GLRF, it was felt that a forum format would provide a more representative voice for all GLRF members.


Currently, there are plans for gay regattas at the 2011 North American Outgames in Vancouver, the 2013 World Outgames in Antwerp, and possibly at the 2011 Asia Pacific Outgames in Wellington. There are also some discussions of organizing a regatta for the 2010 Frankfurt X-Mas Tournament.


Any member is welcome to create a topic in the new Regatta Advisory Forum where all GLRF members can post their comments and thoughts.


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