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GLRF UK Membership more than 10% Worldwide

11 January 2010 | glrfcentral
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GLRF United Kingdom membership surpassed 10 percent of the GLRF worldwide membership in mid-January.


GLRF United Kingdom membership, although focused mostly in London (58 members), has members in 7 other administrative areas: Southeast (11), East (7), West Midlands (4), East Midlands (4), North East (3), North West (2), and Yorkshire and the Humbert (2).


Since GLRF encourages active as well as inactive rowers to join, the All Oars Groups provide a wonderful way to connect those who are interested in meeting other rowers. With so much interest in rowing in England, it is only a matter of time before other groups develop, either for athlete communities, such as juniors or university, or for other regionally-focused areas such as Manchester, Birmingham, or Leeds. A small women’s group has formed in London, known as none other than London Women.


The ten percent milestone is important as GLRF strives to build an international membership that is not perceived as just a US community. GLRF United States membership has now shrunk to just 62% of the worldwide membership community as membership has grown in Canada, the Netherlands, France, and Germany. The end result is of course, a connected, worldwide community.


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