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Must See At The Head Of The Charles: The Oartec Rowing Simulator

06 October 2008 | glrfcentral
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If you have never experienced the Oartec Rowing Simulator, it is definitely worth the time to give it a go. Many in the rowing community say it is the best land-based replication of the full sweep and scull rowing movement.


The machine made its North American debut last year at the Head of the Charles. Since then, it has garnered critical acclaim and gained distrubtion agreements worldwide. What makes the machine so unique is its three-in-one capability to simulate bow side, stroke side, and sculling movements. It is the first machine to offer realistic land-based technical training for rowers and coaches.




The first thing you notice is that the machine is massive. It has LOTS of metal tubing and support. But don’t let that dissuade you from giving it a go. After one stroke, you’ll feel the familiar rowing movement from catch to release. Add some cameras, mirrors, and the guiding hands of a coach, and you’ll be able to feel and comprehend real-time that which you can’t understand in a boat.


Australian Matt Roach, the inventor, designer, and owner of Oartec, will be on hand at the Wintech booth at the 2008 Head of the Charles to provide information and give hands-on demonstrations.


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