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It’S All About The Shoes

19 September 2008 | glrfcentral
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We just got an email from Anil Lamba of Ankaa Shoe Exports. If you don’t know the name, you probably know his shoes since they are featured in so many rowing shells. We make mention of this offer not only because it is beneficial to the GLRF community but also because Anil is one of those people whose eyes show pure honesty, acceptance, and absolutely none of that discomfort that some of the other vendors exhibit as they pass the GLRF booth at regattas.


He is offering a special promotion price of US$37 per pair, delivered (yes, you read that correctly, shipping included) with a minimum of an order of 8 or more pairs. Now, if you truly want to look fabulous, you can add your club/team logo to the shoes for only US$1 more per pair but the minimum is higher – 24 pairs.


This promotion applies to any model and any size, and runs through the end of December, 2008, that is 31 Dec 2008.


Given the state of affairs with the US Dollar, many of you will probably want to know what kind of deal can be had for rowers down under, across the pond, below the equator, and all that sort of thing. We’ll give Anil a chance to reply directly on here but you can also email him directly.


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