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GLRF Regatta Advisory Group presents first recommendations

09 February 2004 | glrfcentral
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The GLRF Regatta Advisory Group, after two weeks of internal discussions, submitted their first recommendations on the Rendezvous Montreal 2006 Regatta to the Comite Organizateur Sports Director. The Group wanted to incorporate some of the lessons learned from the Amsterdam Gay Games. First on the list was a recommendation that the race length be 1,000 meters to allow for more frequent scheduling of races with heats in the morning and finals in the afternoon. Second on the list was a recommendation that the competition be limited to two or three days of races and perhaps one day of practice. Third on the list was the issue of equipment. Rendezvous Montréal 2006 indicated they would place a high priority on developing a network of clubs, schools, and boat manufacturers to provide competition quality boats for rental by visiting teams.


In terms of racing events, the Group recommended a full complement of events, from single scull to eights, male, female, and mixed. The Group also asked Montreal to consider adding several adaptive rowing events. Finally, the issue of transgender rowers was discussed. Montreal is proactively pursuing this issue and is awaiting guidance from the International Olympic Committee.


Finally, the Group recommended that the racing categories include collegiate, lightweight, and masters. More reports will follow. The Group meets quarterly and all inputs are encouraged. You can email the Regatta Advisory Group at regattaadvisory(a)glrf.info


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