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Worldwide membership zips past 500 members

09 July 2006 | glrfcentral
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It was just another registration for the system, and for the GLRF member entering his information, the process wasn’t any different than for other rowers. But in a click of a button, Doug S. from Chicago took GLRF over the 500 member mark and into what external organizations acknowledge to be significant mass.


As the membership continues to expand, the relative percentage of US membership in GLRF has dropped to less than 65%, and both Canada and the United Kingdom are each close to accounting for a 10% portion of the total GLRF membership. Additionally, women’s membership has grown steadily, now approaching 150 members. At the current rate of growth, GLRF could easily surpass 600 members before the end of 2006.


GLRF website traffic continues to climb, with average daily hits now listed at 32,800 and average daily page views at 1100.


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