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The GLRF Regatta Advisory Group takes a look at rowing and regattas in Chicago

26 August 2005 | glrfcentral
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Members of the GLRF Regatta Advisory Group visited the City of Chicago for an up close and personal look at the unique challenges to rowing and hosting regattas in the Windy City. For crews, there cannot be a more scenic place to row. The Chicago River offers a spectacular view of the city’s wonderful architectural skyline. Hosting a rowing regatta presents a unique set of challenges: commercial barge traffic, amplified wave activity from vertical walls, narrow waterways, and limited launch and recovery areas. The advisory group spent the entire day with the Sports Director for the Chicago Gay Games, visiting potential sites, discussing the needs of rowers and rowing, and outlining what could work given the planned boat categories and events.


The group submitted a number of recommendations on the duration (2 days max), timing (of regatta week or weekend), lanes (min. of 4 lanes preferred), length (not less than 1,000 meters), buoys (yes please!), held starts (much preferred), launch/recovery location (adjacent to finish vs. start), practice days (1 day min), regatta structure and organization, age categories, rowing rules and sanctioning, medaling, boat rental, boat storage and security, and refund policies.


Several sites were identified as potential locations for the regatta and are being evaluated. An additional rowing event was also discussed to help showcase rowing in Chicago.


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