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Row In My Shoes And You Will Know My Joy

01 June 2011 | glrfcentral
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There are few words that can truly express the experience and the feel of rowing in a setup boat. We found this video in our Rowing Videos feed page and thought it might be useful for those looking to jump into the sport as well as coaches hoping to show crews some of the technique they want to achieve. The video takes you through an entire 2000 m. race in a coxed four, and allows you, the viewer to experience a “start” as well as the settle and the sprint at the end.


The video cam is mounted on the rower’s head so you can instantly see how much or how little he moves his head in the course of this race. Most videos are taken from the coxswain’s vantage point, from the shore, or from a coaching launch. Notice how smooth the boat moves, as the catches and releases are all in synchronization, and you’ll see the good posture of the rowers and the turn and reach at the catch. We’re not sure if it is the wide angle of the lens but it seems to show the oars bending in the drive (the stroke). This is truly a unique chance to experience rowing in a rower’s shoes ….




Credit: YouTube video by cyclebikes taken on 5/21/2011: Merrimac River Rowing Association Men vs. Narragansett Boat Club Men, Open 4+. 2000m.


We hope cyclebikes will keep his video available for all to enjoy. It seems that the minute a rowing video is featured or referenced on the GLRF website, the video publishers scream “ahhhh, gay people, run away” and they take their videos down … Our reference to this video does not imply any type of sexual orientation.


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