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Q-Crew Domain Comes Back In From The Cold

01 October 2009 | glrfcentral
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Q-Crew, the Toronto gay and lesbian rowing club that arose from the primordial ooze of Lake Ontario in 1997 to successfully compete at the 1998 Amsterdam Gay Games, and then melted into a sticky puddle on Church Street on a hot summer day in the 2000’s, left behind talented rowers, broken hearts, and many unresolved domain links on the web.


For years afterwards, the q-crew.com domain foundered in the hands of unscrupulous domain aggregators. These profiteers hoped to sell the domain for a premium and/or redirect gay-focused traffic to porn sites. To this day, the q-crew.com links continue to reside on Row2K, Rachel Quarrel’s Rowing Service, Outsports, Long Beach Rowing Association, and Gay Canada, among others.


Hoping to assist those searching the web for Canadian gay and lesbian rowing information, GLRF submitted a bid for the domain in 2005, before it’s annual renewal date. Unfortunately, the domain was consistently renewed and the GLRF minimum bid did nothing to attract the attention of the domain owners. The bid was forgotten and presumed defunct.


On 25 Jul 2009, after several practices on Lake Bagsvaerd, and in an Aliens dinner table moment, the GLRF Team was shocked to read an email domain purchase confirmation for q-crew.com Following the customary 60-day gestation, q-crew.com was transferred to the GLRF domain brood and now links to gay and lesbian rowing. Help support GLRF. Donate today. That domain bid cost US$60.00


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