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New Boathouse For Florida Rowing Center

17 August 2016 | glrfcentral
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The Florida Rowing Center is eagerly awaiting the completion of their new boathouse on Lake Wellington in West Palm Beach Florida. The boathouse is part of a new community center complex and will feature two boat bays. For those FRC alumni who are holding their breath, the boathouse is located just feet away from the old outdoor awning where the sculls were housed.


The fully enclosed boathouse has two roll up doors and wheeled racks for the brand new shells that are featured at the start of each season.




Speaking of which, the 2016 - 2017 season opening day is 16 Dec 2016 and will run through 30 Apr 2017.


The rowing center offers three programs:

  • 3-day session
  • 4-day session
  • 7-day session

Within those programs, the center offers three class options:

  1. Sculling Camp
  2. Beginner, Learn-to-scull
  3. Experienced sculler

Each participant receives individualized coaching, videotaping with critique and take-home video, use of the rowing center's equipment, daily hot breakfast, and of course, a FRC t-shirt.


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