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Italy becomes 14th country to join the GLRF worldwide community

31 January 2005 | glrfcentral
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Following a news story about GLRF on the Italian Rowing Federation website, the first Italian rower registered with GLRF.


The first registrant is listed as an elite rower. It is truly wonderful to see the Italian Rowing Federation take an objective and independent stance by listing news about GLRF and adding GLRF to their international links page.


There are limitations to which we can embed external news stories. Therefore, the news story has been copied and pasted in the quote below, for the benefit of our members:


Federazione Italiana Canottaggio News Summary


The story appeared on 29 Jan 2005 on the main page of the FIC website:


Riceviamo molti messaggi informativi su attività ed iniziative di carattere promozionale con richiesta di divulgazione nel mondo remiero.


Oggi segnaliamo la "Gay and Lesbian Rowing Federation" (siti Internet www.GLRF.info, www.craftsbury.com) che arricchisce il panorama delle opportunità rivolto a chi vuole praticare il canottaggio in tutte le sue espressioni associative.


Clicca per il communicato GLRF (in inglese) ->> [link to archived news story]


Printed below is the archived news story. Alternatively, you can view it by visiting the F.I.C website main page and scrolling down to the bottom. Look for the box that says Cerca nell’Archivio News. Select Gennaio 2005 from the pull down menu, and click on Vai! Then click on the link for Gay and Lesbian Rowing Federation.


[The Gay + Lesbian Rowing Federation is a web-based, global membership organization dedicated to creating a worldwide community among gay and lesbian rowers. We also actively promote rowing in the gay and lesbian community. Although there are a few separate gay and lesbian rowing clubs, our individual members are almost entirely composed of rowers belonging to private and community clubs.

Currently, we have 280 members from 13 countries. To date, we have not received any registrations from rowers in Italy but we are very eager to increase awareness in Italy and to add a global rower page for the Italian Rowing Community. Of course, we would have it translated in Italian!


Already, we are in discussions with Mme. Eliza Camp about hosting a gay and lesbian rowing clinic at her wonderful location in Tuscany, called Terralba Canottieri San Miniato.


Attached is our press release that announces our push into developing rowing camps worldwide for 2005. In just two weeks since that press release, we have come to an agreement with CRC Sculling Camps to promote their camps in England, Spain, and Australia.]


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