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Great Fall Races In Vermont, Avignon, And London

26 September 2012 | glrfcentral
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We just posted a calendar event for the Rowing Avignon Cup race, which is an 8's only race. Last year it was held over two days in November. This year it will be a one-day format, and held a good month earlier, on 14 October. The prizes are phenomenal. First prize is a brand new boat, an 8!!! Wow The race format is really unusual in that you race both a head race and a sprint race on the same day. The other thing that makes the regatta interesting is that all boats are equipped with GPS trackers so that locations and times are recorded instantly.


Craftsbury Sculling Center is launching a new event called the Henley-on-Hosmer regatta. The event will take place on Saturday and Sunday, 06 - 07 October. It's a singles-only race spanning the full length of Big Hosmer lake (6400m.). At a minimum, everyone will race twice. The race is being held in conjunction with Craftsbury's Octoberfest celebration. They are offering great packages of $95/person/night with 3 meals included! Does that include all the beer you can drink?


The wonderful Pairs Head of the River race in London is scheduled for Saturday, 13 October. Registration is well underway and In fact, the deadline is just around the corner: 01 October. Not a bad entry fee: GBP 32. What a great focus, doubles and pairs only! The 4000m. race runs from Mortlake to Hammersmith, you race down river at the ebb, and the Thames river is closed during the race. Nice!!!


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