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GLRF participates as official delegate to GLISA 1st delegate congress

03 September 2005 | glrfcentral
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The Gay and Lesbian International Sports Association (GLISA) held its first delegate congress this week. The three day meeting brought together delegates from 4 international sports federations and a multitude of sports teams from four continents. As license holder to the World Outgames, the association received an update report from the Montreal Comite Organizateur des 1iere Outgames Mondiaux. At the close of the congress, GLISA announced the formation of a partnership with the City of Copenhagen to deliver the 2nd World Outgames in 2009.


The meeting approved the associations’ bylaws and elected the first board of directors. A strategic plan was approved that targeted the formation of continental associations to represent city teams and sports clubs. A business model was created to support a paid staff and provide vital services to gay and lesbian sports organizations.


During the week and over the following weekend, delegates attended Le Rendezvous d’Or. The four day event included a fundraising gala at Montreal’s hilltop Chateau Mont Royal and a sports festival in the gay village.


GLRF representatives met with Montreal World Outgames organizers to discuss special registration programs for rowers and to review plans for the 1st World Outgames Regatta.


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