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GLRF Member Visits Argentina

16 April 2005 | glrfcentral
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Buenos Aires

GLRF member @DPH2002 visited Buenos Aires and the Tigre Region in April 2005. Over a one-week period, he took in the sights and tastes of a country that knows how to do many things right: style, rowing, and meat.


Shop ‘til you drop in Buenos Aires for some amazing styled clothes and prices that will keep you jabbering endlessly. If you have never tasted Argentine beef, you are in for a treat.


If you have never seen the rowing clubs of the Tigre region, your mouths will fall open in awe. There are huge number of clubs, most of which are organized along country names, like Germany, Switzerland, Italy, etc. They row both the larger c-boats (thus the rail tracks to cart the boats to the water), and racing boats.


The famous Cucchietti boats are built in the Tigre area. We visited Jorge Cucchietti’s boat manufacturing facility, and his son was kind enough to lend us his personal single for a quick row out of the Buenos Aires Rowing Club.




If you have never thought about a Cucchietti boat, you should! Their unique hull design and super lite construction makes them the secret weapon in the racing world.


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