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Craftsbury Sculling Center discontinues partnership with GLRF

14 October 2005 | glrfcentral
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Craftsbury Common

The Craftsbury Sculling Center announced today that it had decided not to continue its partnership with the Gay + Lesbian Rowing Federation for the 2006 season. The GLRF board deeply regrets this decision given the promising and productive cooperation that had been developed in 2005. The Craftsbury Gay and Lesbian Pride Sculling Weekend had yielded 15 GLRF members, or three-fourths of all participants during the 3-day weekend of 24 – 26 Jun 2005. In addition, GLRF had actively promoted the Craftsbury partnership at the San Diego Crew Classic, the Stonewall Regatta, in promotional materials, at two gay film festivals, and at the Royal Canadian Henley. Craftsbury, for its part, had created a separate web page on their website, labeled “GLRF Partnership.” In light of these enthusiastic cross-promotional activities, the news of the partnership termination came as quite a surprise. However, GLRF is staying in contact with Craftsbury management and will keep the door open for any possible future joint endeavors.


In view of members’ significant interest for sculling camps, GLRF will continue to pursue the development of new gay and lesbian sculling clinics as well as the formation of new partnerships.


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