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Celebrating a Launch - Head of the Charles Social

18 October 2003 | glrfcentral
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Merriment and smiles among rowers in Boston's Back Bay. View all the social pictures.

The party started at 6:30 pm at the home of Boston Bay Blades hosts Jeff F. and Steve S. Located in the Back Bay section of Boston, in the heart of the gay area, the party was the perfect setting for the rowers to gather after a day of serious head races.


Jeff had set a huge food buffet in the middle of the living room and Steve had the bar stocked to the exact specifications of yours truly who immediately began to make appletinis and cosmo’s. Oh, did I mention Cadillac Margaritas...oh yeah. My hat goes off to future Boston Bay Blades President Molly Jordan who just wouldn’t say no to my multiple concoctions and seemed to handle her liquor without a blink of an eye.


There were roaring fires in the living room as well as the patio which made a perfect gathering place to make a quick speech about the importance of GLRF to the GL rowing community. The bottom line? Anyone within the GL rowing community can bring the statistical power of our registration database to the table of a regatta or rowing official, whether it is in Canada, Australia, or Berlin, and show the size of our community, our gender, our age, and our experience.


So for those of you who are surfing the site and know a rower who might benefit from GLRF, send the link: register.glrf.info Tell them it's free and every single person counts. Know somebody who isn’t currently rowing? Grab ‘em by the ear and pull them to a keyboard! Whether you are an active or inactive rower, your registration means more power in numbers.


The drinks flowed on into the evening and the night. There were multiple runs to the store for more ice and Vodka. And GLRF cut its first check to support a local club.


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