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Awesome Rowing Destop Background Pics

12 September 2010 | glrfcentral
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We’re in the process of designing a new GLRF t-shirt which involves some french words. We came across this site, Aviron DameDeNage, that is entirely in French but offers the most cool desktop images that are updated monthly. Find it here.


What’s even better is the system senses your desktop settings and guides you to select the file that is most suitable for downloading.




The September image is spectacular and for those of you who don’t speak french, the photo credit reads:

“This month, it’s the Swiss who have the honor, shown with André Vonarburg et Florian Stofer who compete for the Swiss national team in the double. The location is Sarnen which is the location for the Swiss national training center.”


Merci Félix Dieu pour la photo


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