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Announcing Our First Partnership Rowing Travel Tour

03 December 2019 | glrfcentral
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The Gay + Lesbian Rowing Federation is very excited to announce our partnership with Rowing The World.  This rowing travel company specializes in trips for rowers in many destinations around the world.  Because many gay and lesbian (LGBTQ+) travelers enjoy an opportunity to travel with like-minded members of their community, we thought it would be brilliant to create an LGBTQ+ focused rowing tour. 


The Rowing The World tours are full package vacations (holidays).  The first LGBTQ+-focused trip will be magical Lago Maggiore in northern Italy, with a 7-day rowing tour beginning 27 September 2020. http://lgbtrowingtour.glrf.info  Everyone is welcome to enjoy the trip.  You certainly do not have to be a member of the Gay + Lesbian Rowing Federation.  However, one of the benefits of our partnership with Rowing The World is a CDN$100 discount for GLRF OnTheWater members for the trip.


Although GLRF OnTheWater members do receive a tour discount, there are no revenue sharing arrangements with Rowing The World. All participants, including GLRF staff, pay the same tour price. For GLRF, the partnership creates an additional benefit for its members, to enjoy rowing in a recreational format with a community-focused environment. Note that Rowing The World offers a further discount if five or more members join the tour from one club.  


Please consider subscribing to the customized e-newsletter created for the GLRF-RowingTheWorld partnership so that you can keep up to date on future trips. http://rowingtheworldnews.glrf.info  If you subscribe, please know that your email will only be used to send information on Rowing The World trips.  It will not be sold or used by any third-party vendors.


If you or any of your club members have any questions, please contact Rowing The World at https://rowingtheworld.com/contact/  and you can also use this link to sign up for their general email list.


Here is a link to the poster promoting the rowing tour.  We hope you will post it at your club or forward it along to your members.





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