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A Midsumma Festival to Remember

23 February 2004 | glrfcentral
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Melbourne Argonauts Rowing Club host a booth at the 2004 Midsumma Festival. See all the images here.

The Melbourne Argonauts hosted their third annual, and most successful, rowing promotion at the Melbourne Annual Gay and Lesbian Midsumma Festival.


Held in what is called the sport precinct of the carnival, the Argo’s large stall was divided into two sections: the information area and the erg section. Over 60 forms were collected as visitors thronged the very popular booth. Festival organizers gave the rowers the premium space in large part due to the unique interactive style of the booth. At first, the Argo’s demonstrated the use and proper form of the ergs but soon had visitors on the machines for a few quick pieces. Brochures were handed out and everyone was able to review the posted articles and pictures of the Argonauts rowing to victory across Australia!


The event also marked the GLRF Melbourne City Launch GLRFReadyAllBoatsAustraliav1.pdf, held to increase awareness of GLRF and foster interest in forming boats for the 2006 Montreal Regatta. Local Rower Brian Barry did his duty in front of the stall, passing out brochures about the Regatta and answering questions.


During the event, the local gay and lesbian radio station, JOY, conducted a live interview that, although intended to promote the Melbourne Argonauts, spent most of the airtime talking about the GLRF City Launch initiative! Club President Chris Thomas was heard to remark: “I’m sure that ours was by far the best marquee of the day.” Sixteen cheers to all the Melbourne Argonauts for making the day and the GLRF Melbourne City Launch such a success. Bravo to Lorelle, Beck, Annie, Dimitri, Mark, A Misting Fairy, Cliff and all those whose names were missed!


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