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2009 World Outgames Preview Tour - US east coast

14 June 2008 | glrfcentral
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The 2009 Copenhagen World Outgames staff will be hitting the US eastern seaboard campaign trail in June. Outgames’ Director of Sports Tommy Kristoffersen and his entourage will be hitting four cities: Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia, and New York City. Rowers can find information about the events in each city by visiting the

GLRF United States calendar panel , and of course, rowers can get a look at the planned rowing venues and formats at the GLRF World Outgames Regatta page.


GLRF members in each of the four cities will also receive the new ‘calendar and message board digest’ emails that summarize new message board posts and new calendar events. The weekly email program is part of the GLRF project to help strengthen local and regional community ties. Over the past two months, the GLRF membership database has been undergoing a conversion to a regional focus so rowers in a given locale can learn about local and regional events without being inundated with extraneous emails outside of their area. As an example, the Boston event will go to GLRF members in the New England region: MA, ME, RI, NH, VT, and CT. The other event emails will go to GLRF members in the following three regions: New York, Pennsylvania /NJ, and MidAtlantic. .


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