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GLRF has two principle groups that govern and implement the mission of the organization: a Board of Directors and a Management Team.

Board of Directors
The board serves the GLRF membership by establishing policies that define the expectations and priorities of the organization. The board appoints an Executive Director to implement that guidance, and monitors his/her compliance.

The Board is comprised of a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 13 members. Ideally, the composition of the board is to be diverse, representing geography, gender, age, and professional experience. However, the board is required to have, at a minimum, geographic and gender representation. There are seven recognized geographic regions: United States, Canada, Europe, South America, Africa, Asia, and Pacific. No more than three members from one region may serve on the board, ensuring that at least 3 regions will be represented on the board at any given time. There must be at least 2 members from each gender.

Board membership is self-perpetuating. Board members serve a three-year term from the date of their appointment with the option to renew for one additional term. The board includes a slate of two officers, Chair and Vice Chair, who are elected from within the board. The GLRF Executive Director is the Chief Executive Officer and serves as a non-voting member of the board except in the case of a tie vote. Finally, “honorary” or ex-officio members can be appointed by the board. They are entitled to participate in all board meetings but they have no vote.

Management Team
The staff implements the priorities and policies established by the GLRF Board of Directors, and generally handles the “day to day” functions of the organization, including membership, development, public relations, outreach, programs/services, and website management.

The management team consists of 8 individuals: five Directors, and three Managers. The Directors oversee the external functions of GLRF: Executive, Development, Promotion & Publicity, Programs, and Community. The Managers focus on the internal aspects of GLRF: Website Services, Corporate Affairs, and Financial Affairs. In addition to the core team of 8, there is a continuing need for coordinators of more specific, limited tasks: regattas, socials, membership, individual website communities, etc.

Although there are no specific gender, age, or geographic requirements to be part of the Management Team, it is hoped that GLRF will have a broad spectrum of experience at all levels. It is essential to have multiple perspectives if GLRF can hope to offer an effective suite of resources and programs to our worldwide rowers.

The Executive Director is responsible for the overall management and day-to-day operation of the Gay + Lesbian Rowing Federation. He/she oversees and directs the GLRF management team, and acts as the outside voice for the organization.

The Executive Director is accountable to the board of directors for the oganization’s overall performance.

The Director of Development sustains the GLRF business model through multiple funding sources: gear sales, contributions, membership subscriptions, sponsorships, and grants.

The Director of Community develops the vibrancy of the GLRF worldwide collective of communities. He/she drives the membership development and interaction, online community support, and advocates for acceptance in the rowing community.

The Director of Programs captains the the active rowing section of the GLRF website: regatta promotion and support, rowing camps, the learn to row section, and the new GLRF regatta initiatives: project 51 and project 52.

Publicity & Promotion
The Director of Publicity and Promotion positions the GLRF brand in the gay and lesbian community, in the broader rowing community, and at the national and international sports level. Duties involve press releases and public relations, GLRF regatta vendor booths, social network promotion, advertising, and marketing.

Website Services
The Manager of Website Services maintains and designs the GLRF website and all of the applications and features that serve our online community.

Corporate Affairs
The Manager of Corporate Affairs implements

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