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The GLRF group for all those interested in rowing at the Paris 2018 Gay Games. Share this group: http://paris2018regattagroup.glrf.info Regatta details: https://www.paris2018.com/sports/rowing/
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  2. For rowers traveling to Paris by plane, you will undoubtedly opt for the easy train (RER B) from Charles De Gaule Airport (CDG) to Paris. As in Gay Games and EuroGames of years past, the free transport pass doesn't take effect until you get your registration ticket at the registration hall. If we're wrong, woohoo! So you have to buy a ticket from a machine (sorry, no actual ticket windows), and ... the lines for the machines are NOTORIOUSLY LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!! Wouldn't it be great if you could buy a ticket online ahead of time and avoid the extra 2 or 3 hours to your travel day? We found one link so far, for the UK folk to buy just the one-way ticket for 10,30 Euros: https://www.hellopar...s-metro-tickets it's the third tile in the top row Then there is this link, from the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau: https://booking.pari...-transport.aspx Click on the first listing, 'Paris Visite Pass - Pass transport.' Yes, it is an all day transport pass that costs 13,20 Euros instead of the machine cost of 10,30 Euros. If the wait is long, it might be worth it to you. For those of you who are experienced Parisian visitors, like you know, Colton Haynes, Zander Hodgson, and Bob Charbonneau, could you add some comments or helpful hints for our soon to be arriving rowers? Thanks!
  3. This just in from Conde Nast AFAR. After the regatta, get your fill of pastries and breads from 20 of the best bakeries in Paris.
  4. Just came in via my email from Conde Nast Traveler, 07 March 2018: 25 Best Things to do in Paris What are you planning/hoping to see while in Paris?
  5. For many of the participants, there will be a debate about where to stay, in Paris, or at the regatta venue. The Paris train for Vaires-Torcy (train station nearest the venue) leaves from the East station, also known as le Gare de l'Este. The train ride takes 18 minutes. Looking on Google Maps, the last train on Tuesday, 06 March, as a sample, leaves at 23h01. That means your visit at the Opening Ceremonies will be brief because the subway ride and walk from the Opening Ceremonies to the East station takes some time. The opening ceremonies will take place at the Stade Jean Bouin, also known as Jean Bouin Stadium. On Google Maps, that is way way in the western outskirts of Paris. So that means you have to catch the subway from Jean Bouin at 22h14 to get the last train from the East station, taking a total of 65 minutes. Then you have to factor the walking time from inside the stadium to the subway. You get the idea. This always happens for the rowers, since we all get up early, and rowing is scheduled early in the week. Obviously most of the parties and other Gay Games events take place in Paris. One other thing to keep in mind: the distance from the Vaires-Torcy train station to Vaires-sur-Marne is not a short hop. Rather it is a longggg walk. Of course, if you can grab a bike or hope a bus, you're set. Still, something to keep in mind. You can always rent a car for the two or three days surrounding the rowing event. You can split your room locations, staying in Paris, then move out to Vaires-Torcy, then move back. You can see from the group news that housing is available at the venue. Here are some links to all the housing nearby: Airbnb Vaires-sur-Marne France-Voyage scroll down to see samples as well as additional links for vacation rentals, bed and breakfast, campsites, and hotels. Misterbnb What are your plans? Got some other ideas? Share them!
  6. http://www.glrf.info/gotchagallery/MarneTourBastilleDay2018.jpg The Aviron Marne & Joinville Rowing Club 2018 Bastille Day Outing on the Marne River Discover the wonderful Marne River, the historical waterway for Rowing France. Join us for a wonderful 27 km rowing tour ending at the Chateau de Champs-sur-Marne, lunch in the park, followed by a tour of the chateau. Schedule 07h30 - information and breakfast 09h30 to 11h30 - 13.5 km row upstream on the Marne River 12h00 to 15h30 - lunch and free visit to the Chateau 15h30 to 17h30 - 13.5 km row downstream on the Marne River 19h30 - dinner and evening fun Non-rowers/boyfriends/girlfriends/friendswithbenefits can follow along for the day by bicycle on the Marne River bike path. Sorry bikes are not furnished. Level of skill is novice. Cost: Euros 40, inclusive of the luncheon meal. Euros 65, inclusive of the luncheon meal and the evening meal at the boathouse upon return. same costs for the non-rowing folk. seat rental for a boat: Euros 20. Read the full flyer here. Contact: Bernard Chamaillard to reserve your spot! jhabitele12eme@wanadoo.fr Interested in more rowing events around Paris? Join the GLRF Paris Aviron Group - http://parisaviron.glrf.info
  7. We're starting to see some questions coming in so we thought it would be helpful to start a FAQ (fr. QFP) topic. Instead of the American-English centric 'Q & A,' we will be using French-centric 'Q & R.' It seems overkill to have separate topics for every question. Q. Are the age restrictions for masters based on boat average, or does every individual have to be 27 years old or older? Is the coxswain age factored as well? R. , The Masters events will be based on the average age of rowers in the boat - excluding the coxswain (the coxswain can be any age or gender). Typically each rower should be at least 27 years old, if he or she wishes to participate in a Masters event, but as long as the average age of your boat is at least 27 years old, then I don’t think it will be an issue to have individual crew members that are younger than 27 participate in a Masters event. Q. What masters categories are you using? R. Master categories follow FISA Masters age categories Q. How will Masters races be held? R. Master races will only be conducted individually if there are more than 4 entries, otherwise races will be gathered together and participants will race against each other across age and boat categories based on handicap rules (based on FISA ideal times). Medals will be given separately for each age and boat category even if the races are combined. Q. What resources for borrowing/renting boats will be available for visiting crews R. Boat rentals are currently under negotiation. It is the hope of the regatta committee that the cost will be included in the participation fee. As soon as the cost for boat rental and insurance is finalized, we will post it in the news section and also link to the regatta site. The final information and registration for boat rental will probably not be available before June 2018. Q. Will there be any athlete housing available at the course? R. There are currently no plans to provide athlete housing at the rowing venue at Lac de Vaires-sur-Marne / Ile de Loisirs Vaires-Torcy. There is a possibility for camping close-by, but otherwise the rowing course is less than an hour from the center of Paris by public transport. If you are looking for accommodation, we can help you by either suggesting affordable places or offer to ask local rowers to host you. Q. What is the difference between the participant fee and the rowing sports fee? Do coxies have to pay? R. The participant fee or base registration fee for the 2018 Gay Games is a separate fee from the rowing sports fee. It provides a transport pass, welcome bag, discounts, and access to the open and closing ceremonies. The rowing sports fee is just for the regatta, and it will allow each registrant the opportunity to compete in up to three events per day. There is no rowing sports fee for coxswains, unless they are also competing as a rower. This also means a coxie does not necessarily have to pay a participant fee if they don't want to participate in the open and closing ceremonies. Just to be clear - all rowers have to pay both the participant (base registration) fee and the rowing sports fee. Is it fair that rowers have to pay and coxies don't but they still get a medal? Given the sacrifices coxies make for rowing, we think it is absolutely fair and the right thing to do. Q. Why isn't the Early Bird fee applicable for the base registration? R. The base registration fee for the 2018 Gay Games is a separate fee from the rowing sports fee. Unfortunately, it was not properly communicated that it would only be the rowing (sports) fee that would be offered at an early bird rate when registration for rowing opened. The base registration fee for Paris 2018 has increased and will continue to increase depending on the date and number of registrations. Participants could have registered just for base registration much earlier on without having to register for any sport, but unfortunately this was not communicated properly to us rowers ;-( The “early bird” fee does however compensate a bit for the increase in the base registration fee. Q. Why are rowers limited to only 3 entries per day? R. Coordinating boat lineups becomes a logistical nightmare when rowers are allowed to enter more than three races per day Q. Do I have to register all my crews before September 18, 2017, if I want to benefit from the Early Bird rate? R. No, as registrations are individual, you just have to register yourself for rowing before September 18, 2017 to benefit from the Early Bird rate of €70 (it will increase to €90 on September 18). A race programme will only be published 6 months prior to the regatta (i.e. in February 2018). Unfortunately the Gay Games website is not well suited for rowing registrations, but made for registering individual participants. For now, please don’t be too concerned about registering entire crews, but rather get individual participants to register in the races they are interested in. This will help the organizers to plan the race programme and space the races with most interest far from each other, so that participants can race in multiple events (maximum three entries per participant per racing day though). Once the race schedule has been published in February 2018, you will have until three months before the regatta (i.e. 5 May 2018) to finalise your entries. Just like in any other regatta, you may make team changes after this date, but we cannot guarantee that you will be able to add any new entries. So to sum up, please get your individual rowers that wish to participate in rowing at the Paris 2018 Gay Games to register themselves as soon as possible. The final entries by crews and clubs, will be figured out later on. Q. Can I make changes to the crews? R. Until May 5, 2018, you can make as many changes to the crews and entries that you like. When registrations for rowing closes on May 5, 2018, you can change up to a half of the number of rowers right until race day (submitted in writing at least an hour before the scheduled race). You are welcome to make changes on the Registration Portal or by sending it to support@paris2018.com but you need not be too concerned about this until before entries close in May 2018. Q. Will adaptive rowing be offered in the regatta? R. Not at the moment. The regatta organizing committee had pushed to include adaptive rowing in the competition but neither the French Rowing Federation nor the Paris 2018 organizers made any effort to include adaptive rowing in the event. If there are any adaptive rowers, please do contact the Paris 2018 organization.

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