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Group to connect with other rowers and coxies interested in participating in the planned rowing event at the 2014 Gay Games in Cleveland. Share this group: http://2014gaygames.glrf.info
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  2. Some of the rowers have said that they have experienced a markup in the fees when they entered multiple events. I just tried registering myself on Eventbrite and checked the events I wanted to enter: 1x 2x 4+ The amount of the registration did not change. It is still $70 + the $4.84 fee. Not sure where the confusion lies unless people are comparing the Eventbrite registration with the regular Gay Games registration. If you experience something different, speak up! - Brian
  3. The 2014 Gay Games Regatta format has changed from a 3200m. head race to a 1500m. sprint race. Listed below are the most commonly asked questions. For more information, visit the Cleveland Rowing Foundation web page for the regatta and NOT the Gay Games rowing page, which has not been updated. Q: What is the race format? A: Races will be 1500 meter sprints, two-by-two on the Cuyahoga River. Q: Do we pay fees per race? A: No. the $70 event fee allows rower to race as many times as they want! Q: Can I rent boats? A: Yes. We will have 8 and 4 shells to rent. Q: Can I sign up if I do not have a full boat? A: Yes, we will help people fill boats. [GLRF note: you can also post a topic in this group discussion where other GLRF members can find you!] Q: Is there a schedule of events posted yet? A; Not yet, the schedule will depend on demand. Sign up for the races in which you would like to participate. The schedule will be available closer to regatta day. Q: What time is the regatta? A: We will race from 8am – noon. Then have an awards ceremony and beer garden. [GLRF note: the time listed here is more accurate than the times listed on the Cleveland Rowing Foundation web page or on the Evenbrite registration page. We already asked about the discrepancy. Their answer was that if there are enough entries, the races will extend beyond Noon. Q: How does the age handicap system work? Does the handicap then give them a head start? A: Boats compete in each age division based on the average age of all crew members (minus the coxswain). The boats will compete against each other - starting together, however time will be taken away from their overall final time based on their boats handicap. Therefore, if several boats race each other, technically the fastest boat on the water, or in that category, may not win since handicap was not yet applied. All boats will know their handicap prior to racing. Therefore, the youngest boat will know the amount of time they need to win by in order to take the gold. This is typical of Masters regattas. If you still have additional questions, here are two points of contact: Kirk Lang at clevelandrowing@gmail.com Michelle Gallagher at mmg21@case.edu
  4. If you have had a look at the competition specifics for the 2014 Gaygames Regatta, there are some details that we thought needed some clarification. Here is the reply from the regatta director: #1 - Does the sports fee cover boat rentals, or will those fees be separate? And will the boat rental fees cover both the practice and competition for a given entry? If the boat rental fees will be separate, do you have any idea how much they might be? #2 - When will the rowers be able to practice on the course? Friday or Saturday? For how long? #3 - We assume coxies will have to pay a participant fee but usually they are exempt from a sports fee, if they are not rowing in any event. What will be the policy for the 2014 Gay Games regatta? #4 - Do you have any idea if there will be a cap on the number of entries, similar to the Head of the Cuyahoga? #5 - Information surrounding the Head of the Cuyahoga indicates the Coast Guard is extremely strict with regard to when the race course will be available. Is it rigidly set to open at 8:00 am and close at 4:00 pm on Sunday? Will rowers be able to practice prior to 8:00 am? #6 - Given that rowing is only scheduled for one day, and if there is bad weather, as can happen once in a while in the midwest in the summer, what plans are in place to allow the rowers to compete on another day? If the entire event is not cancelled, but only certain hours of the day, what will happen to those scheduled events?

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