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A group to connect gay and lesbian rowers in the New York City area. Many active and inactive rowers move to New York City and look for a way to connect with other rowers. Become a part of Crew New York whose members row at various clubs in North Jersey, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island. It’s a great way to find where everyone rows and meet other rowers. Share this group: http://crewnewyork.glrf.info
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  3. lucas_spangher

    Is There An Active Lgbtq Rowing Group In Nyc?

    Hey, I'm wondering the same thing. What did you wind up doing? Did you join a straight rowing team?
  4. This group seems dormant and can't find much on Facebook but would love to learn about opportunities for rowing with some LGBTQ folks. Let me know!
  5. brianm

    Need Rowing Practice During Summer

    Hey Will, Welcome to the community bro. There are a few clubs in the area that you can reach out to, it just depends what level of intensity you're looking for and where you're located. If your'e in Manhattan or the boroughs, there's Row New York, which operates out of the Peter Jay Sharp boathouse in Harlem. I don't think they have much in the way of a collegiate sweep program, but I think they're trying to expand so give them a try. If you're in Westchester, there's Pelham Community Rowing Association, which actually does have a competitive summer sweep program for not that much money. Then there's the NY Athletic Club if you're looking for some serious training. I have Kevin Murphy's contact info if you want to reach out to him about; most likely he's already got a summer roster, and he might not look at you unless you're lightweight...but he's been known to make exceptions if you've got the 2k time. Feel free to contact me if you want to talk about any of these clubs or bounce off some other ideas. You can reach me at Brian_Marricco@post.harvard.edu. Best, Brian
  6. Howdy My name is Will and I'm a college rower in New York. I'm trying to find a place to row during the summer since the school season has ended. So if anybody or anywhere would allow me to join the summer practice/training, that would be great! Thank you! Will
  7. wonderkid

    Crew New York: A Brief History

    Awesome. Thanks for the link!
  8. glrfcentral

    Crew New York: A Brief History

    Did you see the other discussion topic about clubs in NYC? Link: http://www.glrf.info/alloars/index.php?showtopic=393 I would say the most competitive in terms of the ability to send crews and boats to regattas would be Nereid, Passaic River, and NYAC. The most gay and lesbian populated crews would probably be Harlem Community Rowing. So many of the Crew New York group members row with different clubs that many might take issue with my opinion but hey, it's a forum and a discussion... and functions to list their replies! - Brian
  9. wonderkid

    Crew New York: A Brief History

    I may be moving back to NYC from Seattle, and am curious where most gay and lesbian rowers are rowing since Crew New York has disbanded. That being said, although rowing with a club that with a gay population of rowers would be awesome, i'm most interested in finding a club where members row competitively at the masters level. I didn't row in NYC, so i'm not familiar with what the clubs are like.
  10. hello everyone, will be in town for a week and would love to row with a local team if feasible. Any recomendations and can anyone use a starboard sweeper? greatly appreciated!
  11. Is a member of this group female and looking for a rowing partner. I’m looking for a rowing partner and not gender biased.
  12. For those interested Out of Bounds NYC http://www.oobnyc.org has links to just about all of the LGBT sports teams in NY.
  13. Hey all: anybody interested in rowing in the greater NYC or Westchester area? Pelham Community Rowing Association is a friendly program that would gladly take new memberships, and. if there’s enough interest, we might even be able to get together a team to train out of the boathouse. Discuss?
  14. There are a number of rowing clubs in and around New York City. Some are restricted to university crews and junior crews while others are open to all levels of rowers. Here is the information and then below the links are some thoughts on the degree of gay-friendliness. In Manhattan, there is the Peter J Sharpe Boathouse, situated on the Harlem River way up on the East Side. Across the Harlem River, in the Bronx, is the Harlem River Community Rowing Association. They are located at the Roberto Clemente State Park. In Westchester, just over the border from the Bronx, is the Pelham Community Rowing Association. Across the Hudson River, there are three relatively close boathouses in New Jersey: Nereid Rowing Club Passaic River Rowing Association Lake Dundee Rowing Center North of Manhattan, in Pelham Manor is where you will find the New York Athletic Club Travers Island Boathouse. In terms of predominance of lgbt rowers, most rowers would say the Harlem Community Rowing Association has the biggest numbers. Many GLRF members belong to other clubs, like Nereid and Passaic River. The Peter J Sharpe Boathouse, which is managed by the New York Rowing Association, purposely approached GLRF to start an lgbt crew. From that initiative, Crew New York was born. So to say that the NYRA or the Peter J Sharpe Boathouse are at all non-gay friendly would be a misnomer. The dissolution of Crew New York was due to boathouse structural issues as well as rising fees. One of our members, @brianm, reports that the Pelham Community Rowing Association is very accepting and open to gay and lesbian rowers. As to the New York Athletic Club, there has been homophobic accusations that have been attributed to the club but most GLRF members and their allies report that it is not an un-gay friendly place. Probably the best way to describe NYAC might be something like this: "NYAC does not concern itself with gay-friendliness. We are here to row and train athletes. Period." [Edit] 16 Aug 2011 - In talking with one of our GLRF members at USRowing Masters Nationals, ameredith, he reported that Harlem Community Rowing, although very gay friendly, is a very difficult location. There is no boathouse and the boats are stored in shipping containers. This means that each and every time a boat is launched and returned, it has to be rigged and derigged. This makes the process of practice very time consuming. Something to keep in mind for those considering Harlem Community Rowing
  15. Crew New York has evolved from a functional club to a group within the Gay + Lesbian Rowing Federation social network, All Oars Network. When Crew New York was established, as a gay and lesbian rowing club, it rowed out of the Peter J Sharpe Boathouse, as one of the tenant clubs. Due to high costs, a lack of acceptable equipment, and a change in the philosophy of the boathouse in how the tenant clubs could use the boats, the club dissolved. The members scattered to other rowing clubs. GLRF added the All Oars Network social network component to its community tools in September 2009, recognizing that an internal social network would be a perfect medium to bring rowers together from various clubs in a large metropolitan area. New York City is populated with many active and inactive rowers and slowly these folks are discovering the virtues of a shared connection through the Crew New York group.
  16. glrfcentral

    2010 December Meet & Greet

    Upload your pics from the 2010 December Meet & Greet at the Element Hotel on 18 Dec 2010
  17. glrfcentral

    Christmas Get Together In Manhattan

    Thunderbirds are go! Please join us for the Meet & Greet on Saturday, 18 December 2010 between 8 and 10 pm. http://www.glrf.info/alloars/index.php?app=calendar&module=calendar&cal_id=12&do=showevent&event_id=57
  18. Hey Everyone in the greater New York City Metro Area: Since I plan to be in NYC for the weekend of 18/19 December, I thought it would be fun to organize a meet and greet of local rowers. My idea is Saturday, December 18th, between 8 and 10 pm. I selected Saturday night since I am in town for Saturday evening and Sunday evening and I will be attending a party on Sunday night at a former California rower's place ... Would love your input on which bar, Gym Sports Bar or Boxers NYC, and how much interest there might be in attending. Please fill out the poll. Thanks, Brian

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