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A regatta group for those who attended the 2009 World Outgames. This is a great way to keep connected and also send out group news on new groups that may form for future events. Share this group: http://2009worldoutgames.glrf.info
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  2. World Outgames 2009 http://www.copenhagen2009.org/Sport/Sports_photos.aspx Thomas Ruffer http://www.pixum.de/viewalbum/id/4424476 http://www.pixum.de/viewalbum/id/4424503 http://www.pixum.de/viewalbum/id/4425174 http://www.pixum.de/viewalbum/id/4321361 http://www.pixum.de/viewalbum/id/4421287 http://www.pixum.de/viewalbum/id/4426249 GLRF http://www.flickr.com/photos/aworldwidecom...57621777991967/ Robert de Bourgraaf http://www.mijnalbum.nl/Album=3RUNOMBC http://www.mijnalbum.nl/Album=MNQTI8SS Jens Steckel’s galleries: - Outgames opening ceremony - Races 26./27.07. - Races 29./30.07. - Copenhagen Pride http://www.queerschlag.de Click on the name of gallery in the menu on left hand side. Joe Alfano http://gallery.me.com/alfanoj/100005 Outrowers Ireland http://www.outinireland.net/gallery.aspx?s...p;galleryid=439 An article on Ray Boyd – rower at the World Outgames 2009 http://phillygaycalendar.com/pages/col.php?id=355 Youtube interview with Peter Sagar and Ron Thiele - rowers at the World Outgames 2009 Youtube clips from rowing events at the World Outgames 2009
  3. glrfcentral

    Malmo Bar Crawl in Sweden

    It looks like Tuesday will be the best option. We're gathering the information on the train station departure location and time, the cost, and the best bars to visit. We'll have more information on Monday posted here and also at the GLRF information table at the regatta course at Lake Bagsvaerd.
  4. glrfcentral

    Malmo Bar Crawl in Sweden

    Let's see if there is some interest in a getting this organized. From Montreal experience, rowers tended to take off towards the latter part of the week. The Sailor Splash party is Monday night. So we could do it Tuesday night. Wednesday night is probably not good since that is the night before the Head of the Harbor Race, and the races go until early Thursday evening so that's out. We could also do Friday night. Time for a poll?
  5. mikecheck

    Malmo Bar Crawl in Sweden

    I think this sounds like a blast!
  6. Anyone interested in putting together a gay/lesbian pub crawl in Malmo one night? Since we’re all there for a week, why not head over the bridge to Sweden. There are a bunch of bars in Malmo and it could be fun exploring the city.

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