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See the boys go up against each other at the Blindside Rugby 7s match at Carnival - Australia Gay News Network

12 March 2016 | glrfcentral
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Don’t forget today is the big Blindside Rugby 7s match at ChillOut Carnival. Local team, the Daylesford Dragons have challenged the Melbourne Charges and the Ballarat Rugby team to a rugby 7s tournament specifically for the ChillOut Festival on Sunday 13 March (today).

This high-speed, hard hitting competition will be held at Victoria Park during Carnival Day, with each game only 14 minutes long.

Come and show your support for the boys in one of the toughest games on the planet. They breed them tough in the country!

This event is part of Carnival, and entry is with a ticket to Carnival.

Victoria Park, Daylesford, 12pm-2pm, chilloutfestival.com.au/event/chillout-blindside-rugby-7s-match/


Author Rachel Cook


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