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Niece of Justin Fashanu says 7 gay soccer players are currently in the UK premier league - Australia Gay News Network

11 March 2016 | glrfcentral
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The niece of the first professional UK footballer to come out says she knows of seven gay footballers now playing in the UK Premier League. Amal Fashanu, whose uncle, Justin Fashanu, came out in 1990, believes homosexual footballers are trapped in a 'dark world' because they are scared to come out.

Justin Fashanu killed himself in 1998 following allegations of non-consensual sex with a 17 year old male.

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live, Amal said of gay Premier League footballers: “I actually know myself of seven. I will never, ever share their details. I’m not going to out them because I would never do that. You want to be honest, even to help them out, but you just can’t do that. The football world is extremely dark.”

In Australia, gay football clubs compete annually in the Justin Fashanu Cup to commemorate his life.

image: Justin Fashanu.


Author Andrew Shaw


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