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NBA considers North Carolina boycott due to anti-gay laws - Australia Gay News Network

03 June 2016 | glrfcentral
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NBA officials are looking at moving next year's All-Star Game from Charlotte in the wake of a North Carolina law stripping discrimination protections from the gay and transgender community. NBA commissioner Adam Silver (pictured) said Thursday alternate sites are being studied and a decision is needed by September.

"We are looking at alternatives," Silver said. "We are in the process of looking at other options. At the same time, we would be moving on if I didn't think there were constructive discussions going on.

"I don't see we would get past this summer without knowing definitively where we stand."

Silver said he met last month with business leaders working behind the scenes with city and state officials for a compromise due to what he called “enormous economic damage”.

“One of the core underlying principles of this league is diversity and inclusion. Where we choose to celebrate an All-Star Game, those values should be honoured,” Silver said.

“We as a league want to make sure there's an environment where the LGBT community feels protected down in North Carolina.

“If we can work with the community to ensure those basic protections are given... we will see you all in Charlotte next February.”

image: NBA's Adam Silver threatens to pull All-Star Game from Charlotte after anti-gay discrimination legislation passses.


Author Andrew Shaw


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