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Martina Navratilova says gay athletes are showing the way for ‘millions of kids’ - Australia Gay News Network

11 December 2015 | glrfcentral
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Tennis superstar Martina Navratilova says the “watershed” moment for gay people in sport has been reached and millions of kids will benefit. In an article for Sports Illustrated , the lesbian tennis legend commends basketball star Jason Collins for coming out and how “Millions of kids will see that it is OK to be gay. No need for shame, no need for embarrassment, no need for hiding.”

When the Brooklyn Nets player came out in 2013, he was the first active male athlete to do so from the four major North American professional teams. Since retiring, he has dedicated much of his time to campaigning on LGBT issues in sport.

Navratilova wrote of Collins “he is the proverbial game-changer. One of the last bastions of homophobia has been challenged”.

She added: “Collins’ action will save lives. This is no exaggeration: Fully one third of suicides among teenagers occur because of their sexuality.”

The player also mentions Athlete Ally, a group of gay and straight athletes who are tackling the deep rooted nature of homophobia and transphobia in sports by joining forces to raise awareness through campaigns and educational programming.


Author Andrew Shaw


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