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Houston Super Bowl 2017 under threat from LGBTI protesters - Australia Gay News Network

06 November 2015 | glrfcentral
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A petition to stop Houston, Texas hosting the 2017 US Super Bowl game has been started after the city repealed anti-discrimination laws protecting LGBTI people. Houston voters this week rejected an ordinance that would have established protections from discrimination for gay and transgender citizens.

Known as the “bathroom ordinance” by detractors, the ordinance enabled transgender people to use gender appropriate bathrooms and change rooms.

Signs that read “No men in women’s bathrooms” were placed outside polling stations by those opposed.

The vote makes Houston now the largest American city without protections for LGBT citizens.

The petition, started by football fan Ben Douthett, urges the NFL to take a stand on behalf of LGBT equality and avoid scheduling Super Bowls in Houston until the city reinstates protections for LGBT citizens.

Douthett said the NFL had a chance to demonstrate its commitment to equality, freedom and justice “in a truly meaningful way”.

“It should be noted that this move would by no means be without precedent. In 1991, the NFL revoked the 1991 Super Bowl from Tempe, Arizona after that state’s voters rejected a proposal recognizing Martin Luther King Jr. Day.”

Opposing the ordinance, Republican Lt. Governor Dan Patrick said it pandered to political correctness.

“The voters clearly understand that this proposition was never about equality – that is already the law,” Patrick said.

“It was about allowing men to enter women’s restrooms and locker rooms — defying common sense and common decency.”


Author Andrew Shaw


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