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Gay high school athlete misses out on yearbook photo - Australia Gay News Network

11 September 2015 | glrfcentral
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A high school athlete has accused his school of homophobia after his photo was left out of the school yearbook. Dalton Maldonado, 19, said he felt “humiliated, embarrassed, ashamed,” when he realised his basketball-team portrait had been omitted from the commemorative journal.

Betsy Layne High School in rural Kentucky this year had a two-page yearbook spread that featured individual photographs of all of the seniors on the boys basketball team, except his.

The school says it was an honest mistake, caused by Maldonado wanting to approve the image before it was published.


Maldonado says he was also harassed by members of an opposing basketball team after coming out as gay.

Speaking about the missing photo, he said: “I don’t want other LGBT teens to look at what happened and think they can just be cut out. So now I’m speaking to whoever will listen. I’m not letting this one go.”

The school is publishing the pages – including Maldonado’s – as an insert to the yearbook and distributing them to anyone who wants one.


Author Andrew Shaw


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