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Crows captain talks about her wife and their new twins - Australia Gay News Network

13 February 2017 | glrfcentral
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AFLW Crows co-captain, Erin Phillips, has spoken out about being a mum and playing football. The new AFLW star whose wife, Tracy Gahan, gave birth to twins (Blake and Brooklyn) last November said becoming a mother is the best thing that has happened to her.

Phillips and Gahan have been together for around seven years and met while both playing basketball for the Adelaide Lightning. Philips is currently an Australian professional women's basketball player for the Dallas Wings.

Phillips told The Adelaide Advertiser having children was always something she has wanted to do.

“They’re the best part of my life, for sure,” she said.

“The best thing that’s ever happened in my life. They’ve been the best thing and the hardest thing in the world, I think I describe it as.”


(Erin Phillips and her twins)

Phillips who has also won a silver medal in basketball at the 2008 Summer Olympics and a gold medal at the 2006 FIBA World Championship for Women, said the twins have impacted on her daily routine:

“The biggest challenge for me probably was that with basketball and my career I was always on this schedule, setting goals and having a routine every day.

“Now, after having kids, that’s gone completely out the window.

“I’m just kind of learning patience and to expect the unexpected. But it’s been the best thing in my life, that’s for sure.

“But you’re on their schedule. They’re definitely not on your schedule.”


Several lesbians who play for the AFLW have shared their stories with the media now. Collingwood player Penny Cula-Reid and her partner Melbourne player Mia-Rae Clifford spoke about their relationship last week to Fairfax media.

Speculation is mounting that with AFLW players coming out whether that will lead to the AFL seeing its first gay male player come out.

Clifford told Fairfax:

"I ask the same question but I don't have an answer. I guess if there are men who are gay in the AFL it will just take one or two people to come out and things might change. But until that day happens I don't think they know how to handle that."


Author Rachel Cook


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