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Bookie tries to cash in on UK soccer team 'coming out' rumours - Australia Gay News Network

30 October 2015 | glrfcentral
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A British bookmaker is offering odds on which Premier League soccer players will come out as gay. London’s Daily Mirror newspaper reported last week that two players, including one who has played for England, would reveal they are gay at the end of the current season.


While the unnamed players have received widespread public support there has, perhaps inevitably, been substantial speculation about who the individuals in question might be.

That was taken a step further on Tuesday by betting company Win Cash Live, which started taking bets on a list of odds it compiled that rated which players were most likely to “come out as gay before Sept. 1, 2016".


The papers reckon an England footballer is going to come out as gay. Fancy a bet on who it'll be? #gayfootballer https://t.co/HiYCE1MCfA

— Win Cash Live (@wincashlive) October 27, 2015

The invitation to wager on what is a sensitive, personal and difficult decision for professional gay athletes to make has drawn criticism from the gay community.

“Homophobia in sport is a real issue that should not be cashed in on and trivialized,” said a spokesman for Stonewall, an organization promoting gay rights within soccer.


Author Andrew Shaw


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