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Rowing Posters For Your Regatta

26 January 2009 | glrfcentral
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We just received an email announcing the launch of a new rowing poster design service, Brush Strokes Fine Art Rowing Posters. If your club is planning their upcoming regatta, consider creating a fine art rowing poster for the event. There is nothing more memorable than a framed fine art rowing poster to put on your wall to show your participation. With the advent of the electronic age, the practice of printing rowing posters has gone by the wayside as costs have escalated for design, printing, and distribution. As much as medals or trophys may be interesting, a rowing poster really helps anchor those memories and shows your friends your rowing addiction. A poster also helps build teamwork by allowing the entire crew to sign the poster, forever memorializing your boat.


For a limited time, owner Joseph Brin is offering free poster design services to GLRF member’s clubs.


Does GLRF get a commission from mentioning this? Nope. We just think it is part of what makes rowing a special sport and what sets it apart from the rest of the sports community.


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