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Passion and the Water

20 September 2011 | glrfcentral
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Scenes of rowing in British Columbia. See some of the other images on yankinbc's gallery.

GLRF member @yankinbc aka Scott Larsen recently wrote an article for Vers magazine, an online magazine devoted to the GLBT community in Canada and it's supporters. He writes about one of three passions in his life: rowing. In the article, Scott reflects on rowing and the need for a gay and lesbian rowing community. Find the article here.


Having rowed in college, Scott Larsen feels the hunger to return to his passion after getting settled and happily married in Vancouver, British Columbia. Little does his husband know the destiny that awaits him as a rower's spouse ....


He has joined the Vancouver GLRF group, The Fantastic Foars, and has posted in both the GLRF United States and the GLRF Canada forums, hoping to meet and connect with other rowers.


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