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Gopro Rowing Videos Are Taking Off

15 April 2012 | glrfcentral
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Over the past year, we've noticed more and more of the GoPro-produced rowing videos appearing on the GLRF Rowing Videos page. They are amazing to watch since they really give the viewer a sense of the joy and serenity in rowing.


We can see why they videos are exploding on YouTube - they don't hide any faults and coaches can use the videos to give their rowers immediate feedback. Sure, the videos from the launch are helpful but cameras mounted on the boat, using different rigs, can really put the spotlight on not just the stroke but any rower in any seat.


For those who don't know, the GoPro is the camera of choice for outdoor sensory video experience, be it mountain biking, surfing, or rowing, just to name a few. More and more rowing retailers like New Wave and JL Racing are providing kits for rowers, including the camera, the mounts, and the wiring.


This video of the French national team, Les Bleus, shows some of the many possibilities for camera angles:



Here is one of the most recent videos from the GLRF Rowing Videos web page, of some US juniors. We're not here to make fun of their technique but to show how immediate the feedback can be for the stroke in this quad:




The cameras are not inexpensive but wow, what a public relations and advertising tool, an incredible coaching tool, and even a race preview tool. Just mount the camera on the bow and row the course!


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