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GLRF marks ten years at the Head of the Charles

20 October 2014 | glrfcentral
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Rowers headed down the course on the Charles River. Click here to see all the images from the event, and to upload your own!

While the Head of the Charles celebrated its 50th anniversary, the Gay + Lesbian Rowing Federation proudly hosted our tenth year-in-a row vendor booth at the regatta from Friday, 17 October - Sunday, 19 October 2014. The significance of a ten-year running vendor booth was more than just a presence. It implied an acceptance within the broader rowing community. Many of the vendors stopped by to chat and catch up, ask how we are doing. Companies like JL Racing, Sew Sporty, Calm Waters Rowing, Patagonia. Regatta Sport, Sykes Racing, Hudson Boat Works, Wintech Racing,


The primary goal of the booth is visibility among the various parts of the rowing community. With a location just downstream (100 yards) from the finish line, thousands of people walked past the booth. For some, it was a new and happy discovery. Excited remarks like "I never knew this existed" are not uncommon. For others, it can be a double take and for wont of a better description, a revelation. Yes, the GLRF booth got that reaction from the Dutch National Team.


But after ten years, many rowers have come to know GLRF. As the USRowing Women's Great Eight patiently waited for a long line of boats to move along, we chatted with several of the rowers as they stood in front of the GLRF booth. Likewise, the USRowing Mens National Team members stopped by the GLRF booth to get some wild spandex tights for an upcoming party. They seemed as much at ease as when they waited for the start of their race at the World Championships in Amsterdam in August.


The 2014 GLRF booth served as the launch for the new GLRF Brew Pride Neon tank tops. We named them Brew Pride after finding an urban slang dictionary listing for the word 'Brew.' As much as we wanted to raise our hands in defiant protest of definition four, we liked definition five better. Based on the sales for the weekend, we seem to have a real winner with the design and neon colors.


Many GLRF members stopped by or waived to say hello, including @dsm1412, @omac, @gina_sage, @ebb11, @philly_cox, @vpereziii, @rowrgrl, @chrislovedc, @neochen, @suedisney, @wmoudry, @arower, @pauloevanston, and the DC stud, @arabus.


As usual, the hosting of the booth could not have succeeded without the dedicated support from GLRF members @Howie55 and @seagull, who are amazing and wonderful. On Sunday, @Bob715 joined us for most of the day, encouraging men and women to take advantage of the GLRF clothing optional booth policy. Quite a few shoppers were delighted with the results!!!


But enough of the Charles. Now it's time to get ready for the 2014 Head of the Schuykill!


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