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GLRF Italian Rowing clinic causes minor scandal

03 July 2005 | glrfcentral
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San Miniato

A local positive press piece about the upcoming GLRF Italian Sculling Clinic, Destinazione Italia, created a minor scandal in this small town. A reporter interviewed the co-director of the Terralba Rowing Camp, Eliza Camp about the clinic. Sra Camp said the article was very positive but its publication caused an uproar in the local town nonetheless.


Apparently, the new Assessore to Sports for the town of San Miniato read the article and hit the roof. He wrote letters to the editor and resigned from his position, citing that whether hundreds of gays or just five descend on the town, and row in the lake, it will be a slap in the face of the saints and that young children swim in that water where these gays will row, and all that sort of thing.


The controversy was picked up by the online gay Italian press website, GayNews:

  1. first article - Gaynews_it_article1.pdf
  2. second article -Gaynews_it_article2.pdf
  3. third article from the Italian news sites BellaCiao: BellaCiao_GLRFarticle.pdf and Newspaper24 (no article available).


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