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GLRF hosts booth at LA Gay Pride Festival

22 June 2004 | glrfcentral
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GLRF hosts a booth at the 2004 Los Angeles Gay Pride Festival. See all the pics.
Los Angeles

Sandwiched between the KY Ultra Lube display and the Men2Men booths, the Gay and Lesbian Rowing Federation stood its ground with two sweep oars guarding the entrance an erg splayed in the entrance for all to try and test. Former rowers like Kevin were quickly doing 1:41 splits and hottie Jason, the tall blond surfer dude seemed to a natural even though he kept saying “Really Rose” as yours truly encouraged him to use more of his legs.


Some visitors came to reminisce about rowing in previous lives, and many came to ask how they could row. As usual, some said, “WOW! I didn’t know this organization existed.” Over 160 flyers were handed out for the Los Angeles Rowing Club, the UCLA Aquatic Center, and the Long Beach Rowing Association.


To Jim, the gay blind rower wanna be, we hope you will pursue the program! There are active adaptive rowing programs worldwide for those with all levels of disabilities. Wanna row?


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