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Brasil's Gay Magazine, MixBrasil, talks Rowing with a GLRF Member

22 January 2006 | glrfcentral
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GLRF Member @Arnaldo11 practicing for the 2006 Montreal Outgames.
Rio de Janeiro

GLRF Member @Arnaldo11 talks with MixBrasil about his training for the upcoming Montreal Outgames regatta, the promise of a new event that celebrates a universal cultural diversity, joining GLRF, and the lure of Montreal in the summer.


Looking ahead, Arnaldo compares the sensation of rowing in Rio de Janeiro’s Lagoon Rodrigo de Freitas to Montreal’s Olympic Rowing Basin, and the possbility of bringing home medals for Brasil. Is this difficult for a modern gay man? Arnaldo thinks he can step up to the challenge.


Read the full article, with some rough spots in translation from Portugese to English, below:


Arnaldo Adnet

Carioca Remador gay speaks on expectations for the OutGames


By Ferdinando Martins




Arnaldo Adnet has a life history in such a way and. After surpassing diverse personal difficulties, it if it joined Arthur Feighelstein to train I row for the Out Games, esportivo event that will congregate homosexuals in the city of Montreal, Canada, July and August of this year. In this colloquy with Mix Brazil, it it speaks on sports, culture and on being gay.


How vocês if they had known? It has how much time train together?

Arthur is great friend of a cousin mine. The two were colleagues in the College of Architecture. Already in we know them has years and in we find them in the Beach (Farme), the night (Gallery) and more recently in the Lagoon. Arthur already rows has years and is of the team of masters of the Flamengo. I still am in the Academy - I row has 1 year and way. It had trained before, still adolescent, thus that I left the Navy, but for little more than 6 months. We start to train now together, already objectifying the Games of Montreal.


What it motivated them to participate of the OutGames?

The games are a newness and open other perspectives for events of the sort. The other similar games have kept a modernista perspective, of landmark of the space gay - what it has its importance, but interests me little. I understand in general that the OutGames promises a after-more modern boarding, with open environment of universal, cultural confraternização and of the diversity. In addition, Montreal is a party in the summer!


To such diversity it is verifiable fact in the urban drawing of the City. Its quarters have proper espíritos, and people of varied trends circulate for all they: the quarters of Crescent Street, Mont-Royal Plateau, the Old City, Small Italy, Chinatown and Quarter Latin. The Village Gay is one of the areas more wanted by all in the City and the night boils in a very gostoso rhythm. This without speaking in the outskirts of the City, as Mont Tremblant and the Quebec neighbor, where if America breathes a inigualável European air in all. Ah! Still it has the promise of São Paulo to come to host the next edition. The city is one of the most quoted.


It is everything ready for the trip? The Arnaldo wrote that already they are of ready luggages!

We are with the paid registrations and reserved tickets, but the "ready luggages" had been one defame, but irresistible trocadilho... after all is well exciting to imagine circulating me predominantly in a Olímpica Village gay! In the truth we are catching support to effect the purchase of tickets and payment of the lodging. Somebody is qualified?


Vocês is filiados to the GLIRF? How it is the relationship with the federacy?

We are filiados to the GLIRF yes. I was the first member of the South America if the filiar one. I had knowledge of the GLIRF in the edition of the Festival Mix Brazil of 2004, in the Botafogo Station. Joseph Cross, representative of the OutGames, was in the exit of the film Summer Storm (Sommersturm) - that counts to the estória of a team of remadores gays (Queertrokes). Beyond the brochures of spreading of the Out Games, he had others of the GLIRF. I had finished to come back to row, but soon I associated. Arthur if inscribed shortly afterwards. I was greeted by the whole world associates! President, Brian Todd, of Los Angeles. was very happy and twists so that other Brazilians if join we. Very we are well seen in the international community.


Of which other matches vocês already had participated?

I participated only of local matches for beginning, here in the Lagoon. But in the end of the last year it stows in Belém and I joined the remadores of the Club of I row it, in an exit for waters of the Bay one of Guajará, in the Estuary of the River Amazon. An experience and in such a way.


Of the Lagoon for Montreal - they do not go to find odd the change? Which problems vocês find that they will be able to face?

It does not have much that to fear (I believe). The objective is the confraternização, the participation. I was never a great esportista. That time in the Navy and the following year was a period rare in my life. Still for top, I suffered a serious one it has caused an accident to the 29 years, and passed for 16 surgeries, needing crutches per 11 years. I came back to row to prevent the musculação of the academies, that my doctor recommended, but that I never arrived to appreciate. I adored I row it and to start the days in the Lagoon Rodrigo de Freitas is a privilege. To row in Montreal will be an exciting experience, in way to a pretty party! I am agent of trips and invite the interested parties in participating or attending the games to look me to form a group, with possibilities to be travelled together for Canada, after the games.


It has possibilities to bring medals for Brazil?

After everything what I passed, already I feel victorious person, each time that I enter in a boat. We will bring medals for Brazil, yes (all bring - but they will not count pra nobody). E who knows our category in favors them and finishes conquering one tries better? It is possible.


What it is more difficult: to be gay or to gain a competition of I row?

Arnaldo - garotada gay of today has different standards and to be gay seems to imply in taking care of of the body, threshing, these things. If it is difficult I I do not know. But I find stimulant to combine the two things: to be esportista and gay. I do not remember to have a reference of these in my formation. It had other important references, but all the most intellectual ones. To earn would be excellent, but the objective is to participate! To row is amused and to be gay also. To the times it is difficult? Perhaps... but this finishes stimulating the diversion.


Reprinted here for the convenience of the GLRF community. Copyright 2005, Mix Brazil - All rights reserved.



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